Garage and Loft Conversions in Crewe | Think Outside of the Box With Our Alternative Design Tips

Not every room in your home has to have straight lines and sharp angles. And we don’t have to place every item of furniture flush to the wall. There’s nothing wrong with being different, and if that’s the way you are when it comes to fashion, for example, then there’s no reason why you can’t do the same in your home. Our house builders at Design and Cost Construction Ltd specialise in a range of house renovations and building services which will add a whole new sense of style to any property in Crewe, with new builds, house extensions, garage conversions, and loft conversions some of the more popular services we provide.

Loft Conversions

There’s no need to square off the space with endless sheets of plasterboard. Embrace the angles and alcoves with bespoke shelving and walk-in wardrobes which are accessed by archways rather than doors. This is particularly clever if your attic space is still quite compact – due to the overall size of the existing property – as open-plan loft conversions increase natural light, giving the appearance of a larger space. It’s all about tricking the eye.

That’s not to say you can’t have a small landing area which separates the new staircase from your loft. This could be shelved floor to ceiling in order to house a personal trinket collection or selection of literature. There’s no need to leave it sparse just because it’s compact. And use the entrance wall to create ample storage with shelving or built-in wardrobes; don’t think because there’s a door in the middle of it that you can’t do anything else with the wall.

Garage Conversions

They may be more rigid in design than their attic counterparts, but garage conversions offer just as many opportunities for our clients in Crewe. Design and Cost Construction’s house builders recommend partitions as they can conceal other access points, sleeping areas, or wet rooms. For new bedroom conversions, free-standing partitions can double up as headboards whilst concealing storage and bathroom facilities behind.

House extensions are designed to make a home bigger whilst garage conversions work with the space already provided. Clever design does the rest. As part of our building services, we can insert recess points into the walls beside the bed, so you don’t have to add more furniture. Wall-mounted toilets also make bathroom floors look bigger, as does plain, light-coloured flooring placed throughout the newly created areas.

If you’re planning to improve the layout of your home in Crewe or the surrounding areas, talk to our house builders about our professional building services first. Our unique designs and creative thinking will take your plans for house extensions, garage conversions, and loft conversions, and transform them into truly awe-inspiring interiors.

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